Filming in Rwanda

The Republic of Rwanda is found in the eastern central part of Africa. The country is a beautiful and amazing destination known as the land of a thousand hills. This beautiful country is warm and very scenic, with welcoming people. The country also has a lot to offer those interested in filming.

Our job as film crew fixers is to help in processing Press Accreditation, hiring Rwanda film fixers, and media cards to shoot documentaries and films in Rwanda. Media cards and filming permits are issued and authorized by the Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture (RALC). At the moment, the media cards are 100 USD for a period of one month and 200 USD for three to six months. You can download Press accreditation forms from Rwanda Media Council (MHC), fill them and attach all required documents for your press accreditation. This process takes a period of 4-5 working days, and we recommend that you  contact the respective bodies early enough to avoid any kind of inconveniences that come with short notice applications.

Press Accreditation cards in Rwanda

It is primary for everyone to hold a media pass/card issued by the government. You need the following requirements in order to be accredited.

      • Official letter from your respective media or production company on a headed letter and signed by an authorized person.
      • Colored passport photos for each crew member
      • copy of the passport of each crew member
      •  copy of the press card issued by a respected authority
      • Copy of all equipment to be used during your shoot showing type, serial numbers, and values preferably in dollars.

    The process of acquiring

        • Rwanda Media cards are processed online individually. Please visit Rwanda’s official state website Irembo here and click on Media to start the process.
        • Attach all necessary documents as will be requested
        • Once the above is completed, make payment using your Visa, Master Card, and, mobile money.
        • After making payment your application will be submitted to Rwanda Media High Council for processing.

      Passport and Visa requirements for Rwanda

      To be able to enter Rwanda, you will need a valid visa, and below are the requirements;


          • All crew members should hold a passport that is at least valid for six months.
          • Your passport must have a clean page where your visa will be stamped
          • All crew members must produce a valid yellow fever card certificate
          • For details about how to apply and the price, please click here

        Film Fixers in Rwanda

        Africa Fixers, over the years, has had several top film fixers assist you while filming in Rwanda. These professional fixers are available to handle all pre-production and production issues starting from scouting and moving with you to sort out any problem while in production and to make sure that you get the best out of your planned shoot. Contact us for more details about fixers.

        Filming permissions in Rwanda

        Are you a production company or international film crew planning to shoot or film in any location in Rwanda? Look no further than film crew fixers. We are fully capable of processing all the required permits and permissions required for your project as soon as you contact us.

        Location scouting in Rwanda

        Film crew Fixers operates and assists production companies in finding the best filming locations in the country. We will do our best to make sure that all your desired locations are acquired for your filming and your desired interests. Is there any particular project that you need us to assist with? Let’s chat about it by clicking here.

        Hiring filming Equipment

        Equipment can be hired in the country if you don’t want to go through the struggle of customs clearing. All we need is your kit list showing your desired gear, type, and all specifications, and we will source it for you. The chances are that we will succeed by 99% in getting all your filming equipment. Please contact us for more details.

        Kit customs clearing

        For those who are interested in bringing their own filming gear into the country. Working with our close-bonded agents, we can make sure that they are temporarily cleared in without any problem. All you have to do is send us your kit list showing type, serial numbers, and value in dollars, and we will gladly handle it for you as you come into the country and as you exit.

        Transport and Accommodation.

        In addition to the above services, we are also able to work on your transportation to the filming locations and assist you with booking the necessary accommodation for you to stay in during your shooting period. According to your shoot plan, we are able to recommend the best for you and make all the necessary reservations.

        Filming locations in Rwanda

        Rwanda has various filming locations that include National Parks, Rivers & Lakes, Cities & Towns.

        National Parks; Volcanoes National ParkNyungwe Forest National ParkAkagera National ParkMukura National Park.

        Cities & Towns; Kigali CityMusanze TownKibeho TownRubavu Town.

        Rivers & Lakes; Kagera River, Lake Kivu.

        Choose Africa Fixers.

        Africa Fixers is a film Fixing Company with its major office in Uganda; we pride ourselves on assisting filming companies and Production agencies that are interested in filming in several African countries. We are very capable of handling all fixer services required. Our team of local fixers and driver guides is very professional. Over the years, we have been able to get all relevant connections with other service providers and authority agencies to make sure that accreditation and filming permits are easily processed. Contact us for details and all the relevant information you would like to know for successful filming in Rwanda.