Filming in Uganda

Uganda is one of the prominent filming Locations in Africa. This country is endowed with a majority of Wildlife, different Cultures, and beautiful Landscapes that are searched for by the filming fraternity. Our guide about filming in Uganda is available to answer any questions you would have if you are planning a shoot in the country. Africa Fixers has a team of well-trained Production and Local Fixers that are able to handle all pre-production activities, such as acquiring film permissions, location scouting, accommodation, and transportation in all parts of the country.

Film crew fixer operates in several African countries, and these include Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Ethiopia, and many more.  Our company services include processing filming permits and licenses to film in locations in Uganda.

Filming Locations in Uganda

Uganda has several filming locations which range from national parks, recreation centers, Reserves, Lakes and Cities.

National Parks: Queen Elizabeth National ParkLake Mburo National ParkMurchison Falls National Park.

ReservesLakes: Lake Victoria, Lake MutandaLake Bunyonyi

Cities & Towns: Kampala City

Uganda Film Fixers

Africa Fixers over the years has trained and produced several top film fixers to assist you while filming in Uganda. These professional fixers are available to handle all pre-production and production issues starting from scouting, moving with you to sort out any problem while in production and to make sure that you get the best out of your planned shoot. Contact us for more details about Uganda fixers

Filming permissions in Uganda

Are you a production company or international film crew planning to shoot or filming in any location in Uganda? Look no further than film crew fixers. We are fully capable of processing all the required permits and permissions required of your project as soon as you contact us.

Location scouting in Uganda

Film crew Fixers operates and assists production companies in finding the best filming locations in the country. We will do our best to make sure that all your desired locations are acquired for your filming and your desired interests. Is there any particular project that you need us to assist with? Let’s chat over it by clicking here.

Hiring filming Equipment

Equipment can be hired in the country if you don’t want to go through the struggle of customs clearing. All we need is your kit list showing your desired gear, type and all specifications and we will source it for you. The chances are that we will succeed by 99% in getting all your filming equipment. Please contact us for more details.

Kit customs clearing

For those that are interested in bringing in their own filming gear into the country. Working with our close bonded agents, we are able to make sure that they are temporarily cleared in without any problem. All you have to do is send us your kit list showing type, serial numbers, and value in dollars, and we will gladly handle it for you.

Transport and Accommodation.

In addition to the above services, we are also able to work on your transportation to the filming locations and also assist you with booking the necessary accommodation for you to stay in during your shooting period. According to your shoot plan, we are able to recommend the best for you and make all the necessary reservations.

Africa Fixers will be glad to work with you and help handle all your pre-production professionally. From getting a proper location to securing your filming permits as well as clearing in your filming equipment into Uganda or hiring equipment for your project. Feel free to contact us for more information about filming in Uganda.