Filming Primates In Kenya

Filming primates in Kenya. Kenya is very popular for its wild life populations. Not onlt does it have games, the country also has sevral primates and these can be found in the following places.


Sweetwater’s Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The chimpanzee sanctuary was set to be a refuge for the chimpanzees that were abused and orphans. Most of the chimpanzees rehabilitated here come in with several injuries and are taken care of until they are better. The chimpanzees can be filmed in their rehabilitation process.

Tana Primate National Reserve

The reserve is located in the town of Bohoni .The reserve was established with the purpose of protecting the mangebay and the red colobus monkey. The two species are endangered and vulnerable to extinction. It was named after the Tana River that crosses through its land. The river is one of the largest in Kenya. When filming in this reserve, you will be able to see Nile crocodiles, hippos, masai giraffes, zebras, lesser kudu , orys pythons and  many more.

Kakamega National Reserve

The Kakamega National Reserve is one that is majorly known for having populations of different kinds of primates. This park is a protective area made up of the tropical rainforest kakamega. This is the only remaining rainforest that was part of the gunea congolian ranforest in Kenya. The reserve overflows with flora and fauna. With over 300 tree species. the park harbours a good number of wildlife that include the black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, pottos, flying squirrels, dik-dik, forest buck, duiker and the endangered De Brazza’s monkey. In addition to this the reserve has 400 butterfly species and 300 bird species.

What you need to film in Kenya

Most importantly, you will be required to have a filming permit that is issued by the Kenya film commission. For you to get this permit, you must submit a letter and a form application that talks about your shoot, its synopsis , reason for the shoot and anything else required. The application process for the filming permit takes a short period and within 48 hours, the application is processed.   Contact us at Film crew fixers to arrange this for you.

Special passes

In addition to the filming permit, you will need special passes that work as worm permits for media crews each visitor is required to pay 155usd to the Immigration Department for a special pass before engaging in any film shooting. We highly recommend that you travel after all the necessary filming paperwork has been covered to avoid any kind of inconveniences.

Customs clearance

Kenya is does not have a carnet system and for that reason, equipment has to be cleared through a bonded agent. 1% of the value of the equipment is paid to have it temporarily allowed in for your shoot. This amount is paid to the customs department of kenya.

What is needed for press accreditation in Kenya

All members of the crew are supposed to have accreditation. Without it, you cannot be allowed to film in Kenya. Press accreditation has to be done through a local fixer agent. This requirement is mandatory for all applications to make feature films or documentaries. Every member of the crew is required to fill a Kenya Film License Form (which we normally send to you) with all details. After scanning it is sent back to us with a copy of the original passport and a passport sized photograph. The whole process of media accreditation takes about two to three weeks.


You can apply for a tourist visa both online and at the entry point. The visa costs 51usd and its best for you to get it before landing into the country to avoid any kind of inconveniences.

Vehicle and Transportation Services

Film Crew Fixers will help you organize transport for film crews to film in Kenya. The transportation services all depend on your interest, the nature of the roads and the schedule. For us to have a final estimate how much it will cost in terms of fuel, we will need to look at your filming schedule to have an established mileage and distance to be traveled. We also organize both charter and scheduled air transport for those that are interested in flying to reduce the number of hours.

Lodging and accommodation.

Lodge and Hotel options to stay in vary from Budget, and mid-range to luxury options. You will choose what to stay in depending on your interests and filming location.

Best time to film in Kenya.

Filming in Kenya is done throughout the year and the best time is during the dry season months of June to September and December to March.

Choose Film crew fixers.

Film crew Fixers is a film Fixing Company with its major office in Uganda, we pride ourselves with assisting filming companies and Production agencies that are interested in filming in several African countries. We are very capable in handling all fixer services required. our team of local fixers and driver guides is very professional .over the years, we have been able to get all relevant connections with other service providers and authority agencies to make sure that accreditation and filming permits are easily processed. Contact us for details and all relevant information you would like to know for successful filming in kenya.