Wildlife has been one of the major filming ideas over time. Several films and documentaries have been produced over time, showing us the different ways and characteristics of the species in different places in the world. In the locations we fix in, we have some potential ideas that you can look into if you are interested in making amazing wildlife documentaries. We are optimistic that these ideas will be thrilling and exciting for you to look into and possibly take on as a project. If interested, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and help with your project.


This annual migration of wildebeests, antelopes and gazelles is one of the best things to capture or include in a wildlife documentary series. This migration sees millions of wildlife crossing over from Serengeti over to Massai mara from May to August and back from Masai Mara to Serengeti from September to November. The main purpose of this migration is search for greener pastures. This migration is the epitome of wildlife drama. You will be able to capture moments of life giving as many little ones are born In the Ngorongoro area during January to February. After this period, the animals start to move to northern Serengeti and then cross the Mara River to Masai mara in the months of August to October and then head back to Ngorongoro area in November. This migration is a never-ending cycle that happens in a clockwise circuit A big loss of life is also evident with several predators (including lions, cheetahs, hyenas and crocodiles) always roaming around the herds to hunt. This migration is definitely a survival journey for all the animals that embark on it.

Tree climbing lions are lions that climb trees to seek for shed and also to be able to spot their prey easily. The lions are the normal lions we all know but the tree climbing is just a mechanism that they adapted in order to survive through the climate. These lions would make a great documentary series. They can be filmed in the Ishasha sector of queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda. They can also be found in lake Manyara national park in Tanzania. If you are interested in filming these lions, our fixer services are readily available for you in both countries.

These big and fearsome reptiles are definitely documentary worthy. The species are believed to have lived back to 200 million years ago. The species are very interesting with unique features such as their hard skin that is said to be bullet proof. In the locations we fix in, you will be able to film the Nile crocodiles. This can be done in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Egypt, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The crocodiles can be followed from the stage where they lay their eggs upto the stage where they grow old. Different stages of growth have a lot to offer and much to learn about these reptiles.

Wildlife conservation. Over the years, we have seen the deterioration of the numbers of wildlife in several areas. This has been majorly caused by the conflicts between the humans and the animals majorly for land and resources which has led to people killing wildlife and encroaching on their resources and land, we have also had very many cases of poaching with the aim of selling these animals in the black market. All these human activities threatened wildlife and out several animals at risk. However different people, organizations and projects have come up to find solutions for this. Several efforts have been adopted worldwide to ensure that wildlife is conserved. You can film these conservation efforts that are happening in different places, from taking care of orphaned animals, to setting up laws that protect wildlife, the topic is diverse and several angles of it can be captured.

Vulnerable species. as the world evolves, we have lost several species of the eco system. this has happened due to the changes in climate and other human reasons and we have only been left to read about these animals or see pictures of them. The same in happening in this time and generation. Certain species have been marked endangered in different parts of the world these include Mountain gorillas, pangolins, black rhinos, African wild dogs, Ethiopian wolf cheetahs, Rothschild giraffe and many more. These threatened species deserve a feature in documentaries for future purposes.