Looking for a Film fixer in Uganda?

You basically need a reliable Film fixer in Uganda to enjoy shooting documentaries in Uganda. Dubbed the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is a great filming location with so many things to consider when looking for a filming destination in Africa. Africa Fixers is Uganda’s most trusted and credible film fixer well vast with processing filming permits, Press accreditation, kit customs clearing, casting, drone hiring and permissions, transport, and accommodation. We have professional and passionate production fixers to handle all your pre-production, production, and post-production logistics when shooting in Uganda. Below is a glimpse of what we do as credible film fixers in Uganda and the larger East African region.

Processing filming permits for different locations in Uganda.

To film anywhere in Uganda, you need permission from relevant authorities. Film Crew fixers has for the last 15 years, assisted TV and International film crews to attain all relevant permissions to film in given locations. Are you interested in filming wildlife in Uganda? Are you doing humanitarian work and want to shoot in Refugee camps, hospitals and anywhere in Uganda? Don’t worry at all since we take care of all these permissions to make sure that your shoot runs very smoothly.

Any filming location permit costs differently and depending on your requirements and our expertise, it may take from 2-5 working days to have all your permits ready. We are able to achieve this because of our long-term working relationship with most organizations that give permissions in Uganda. Feel free to contact us.

Processing Media Accreditation in Uganda

As your film fixer in Uganda, we take care of processing your media passes to enable you to shoot films and documentaries legally anywhere in Uganda. By law, all international film crews and production companies are supposed to possess valid Media cards issued by Uganda Media Council.  Uganda Media Council is the authority meant to issue Media passes to all local and international journalists in Uganda.  For one to be issued a media card, he/she needs a letter from the employer showing the reason for filming in Uganda, a copy of your passport, passport photos, and certificate of moral conduct. A form G from Uganda Media Council will be given to you to be filled, scan, and send back to us so that we forward it to the Uganda Media Council. It normally takes 2-3 working days to have your press accreditation ready.

Depending on the duration of your shoot, you can process a one-month, six-month, or two years media card. Please let us know how long you will be filming and we will recommend the right Media card to go for. The longer the period, the high the price. A one-month Media card costs $175, a six-month media card costs $225 while a media pass for up to two years costs $325 per person. This money is paid to the Uganda media council. Contact us for more details.

Kit customs clearing and creating a nonrefundable bond.

Uganda does not have all the filming equipment that you may need to shoot a documentary or film. You will be required to bring in equipment that meets your standards. Africa Fixers through our clearing agent ensure that the temporary importation of your filming equipment is done smoothly and with ease. Processing your non-refundable bond for your kit takes 2-3 working days only. You will be required to send us a list of your filming equipment (kit list) showing the type of each, serial numbers, and the value of each in dollars or pounds. Once it is in our hands, we will forward it to our clearing agent who will then prepare all paperwork on our behalf. The same clearing agent and our local fixer assigned to you will wait for you at the airport to assist you with customs clearance. The cost charged will depend on the value of your kit list. If you need more information on this, please feel free to contact us.

Drone Permissions and hiring

Africa Fixers is an expert and well-recognized fixer Company in Uganda. We assist in processing Drones into Uganda or hiring one if needed. We come highly recommended because of our vast experience. Uganda does not allow entry or flying of Drones without permission. For you to be able to bring in your drone for commercial filming in Uganda, you have to write an official letter to the line ministry talking about who you are, what you want to film, where you want to film, type of drone, and license of the drone operator. This letter should be written on a company’s headed letter and signed by an authorized person. Once we have this letter, we will forward it to the line ministry, then to the ministry of defense, and Civil Aviation Authority since they are the bodies in charge of issuing drone permissions. Once permission is granted, our clearing agent will assess how much you will pay to clear your drone. The process of getting your permission may take 2-4 months, so make sure you contact us in time. If you need a drone in Uganda, we can get you one at a fee. Feel free to contact us.

Casting and Local Talent in Uganda

Film Crew fixers work closely with top casting agencies in Uganda and we are in a position to recommend local talent where needed. We also have a list of other local crews, such as Sound operators, Drone operators, Cameramen, Directors, and Producers if needed. Many of our recommended local manpower have enough experience working with international film crews. They will be willing to share with your records of their previous work and CVs.

Visa and work permit processing

You need a valid visa to enter Uganda for filming purposes. Uganda visa must be applied and paid for online at least two weeks before coming. Africa Fixers assists in processing your visa to Uganda to enable you to concentrate on other things. Your passport should be valid for at least six months for you to be given a visa in Uganda. Please contact us for more information about all paperwork and cost of Uganda Visa.

Accommodation and Lodging

Africa Fixers takes care of all your lodging and meals while in Uganda. Film Crew Fixer’s sister company Encounter Africa Safaris will negotiate good rates and recommend Hotels and lodges in locations you will be shooting your films.  Depending on your budget, specific requirements such as diet, we will select and book for you’re a hotel and or Lodge that suits you all. We also make sure that if outside catering is needed, it is provided.

Transport and getting around in Uganda.

You need Vehicles to do your transfers and getting around when filming in Uganda. Film Crew fixers and Encounter Africa Safaris combined have a fleet of 4×4 Land cruisers and Vans to take care of all your transport needs. Our vehicles are comprehensively insured and are driven by well trained drivers and fixers. You will have enough drinking water and fuel for the whole shooting period. Please note that fuel is normally estimated at the time of quoting but the actual figure will be established after the shoot. 

Why hire Film Crew fixers for your Uganda shoot?

Africa Fixers boosts of more than 15 years of offering top-notch pre-production and production services to reputable International Film Crew. We have worked with hundreds of International Production companies globally. We have gathered enough expertise and knowledge of handling all requirements of filming in Uganda. A team of office and field assistants take care of our day today business so budgeting and filming in Uganda will be made easy when you hire our services. For more information and recommendations, please check out our Portfolio.