Are you looking for a fixer in Congo, Kinshasa?

You need a film fixer in Congo (The Democratic Republic of Congo) for you to successfully shoot films and documentaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Film Crew fixer has been operating in The Democratic Republic of Congo and has the much-needed experience to handle your production and filming needs in this on and off Central African country. Africa Fixers handles all pre-production, production, and post-production services including processing filming permits, media accreditation, kit customs clearing, visa and work permit advice, casting and local talent management and identification, transport, and accommodation plus all logistic needed to film in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Filming Locations in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

As a leading fixer in Congo, we ensure that you get the right location for your shoot. Our local scouts will comb all corners to ensure that we find the right location with the best specifications to facilitate your shoot. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a great filming location for those interested in filming wildlife, people and their cultures, forests, and nature, plus projects found in this large country. The Democratic Republic of Congo has wildlife ranging from Mountain gorillas, Golden Monkeys, chimpanzees, lowland gorillas in Virunga National Park, active and dormant volcanoes, forests, rivers and so much more. Towns include Kinshasa, Goma, Ruhengeri and many others. Depending on what you want to film, Africa Fixers as your local film fixer in Dr. Congo will take care of tracing the right location for you. Contact us.

Filming permissions for the Democratic Republic Congo

Unlike most countries, the Democratic Republic of Congo does not have standard filming permissions, but permissions may vary from one location to another which have to be got from relevant authorities in those regions, media accreditation permits serve as the official permit to film in a location in the country. So, for us to determine the rate, what is required of you is an official letter from your company detailing who you are, what you want to film, the crew member details and when you plan to do the shoot and we will forward this letter in for a value to be determined for the shoot. This kind of process takes at least two weeks to a month to have the permissions ready hence an early start on this would be good.

Custom Equipment Clearing

Our local film fixer in Congo ensures that your filming equipment is temporarily imported into the Democratic Republic of Congo without hassle. DR. Congo is not a member of the Carnet Free Systems Union, so Carnets are not valid. The only process for getting equipment into (and out of) DRC cleared and with no restriction is; – there is no room for hiring equipment in DR Congo so you have to bring it with you.

*Bonded Agent*–A comprehensive list of equipment and value needs to be submitted to Revenue Authorities– through a bonded clearing agent–for the issuance of a Temporary Import Permit (TIP). A fee–equivalent to 15%Percentage of the value of the equipment–is payable. This fee is non-refundable but will guarantee you safe entry and exit with your equipment. For more details on this, kindly send an email and get in touch with a Congo fixer.

Local crew for Hire in DRC.
Democratic Republic of Congo does not have lots of Local talent but we do have both CAMERA ASSISTANT AND SOUND MIXER available. Sometimes we get them from Kenya and Uganda. The Camera Assistant rate per day is USD400.00 without equipment while the Sound Mixer rate is USD500.00 per day with sound equipment. Note we advise crews to come with their own equipment as it offers quality. 

Visa and Congo Work permits for DRC

Your film crew will need a visa to enter the Democratic Republic of Congo. Unlike Uganda and Kenya, where one can obtain a visa upon arrival, the We must apply Congo visa for in advance at the closest Consulate or Embassy. You will not be allowed to enter the country without a visa that was not processed in advance. You need an invitation letter as well as a yellow fever card. We send you an invitation letter prior so that you can start the process. The Congo Visa for Single entry costs $100 Single entry (1-month validity visa), Single entry (2 months validity visa) $ 135, and Single entry (6 months validity visa) $400 you will need to apply for this visa at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance before your travel date as it cannot be gotten on arrival.

Accommodation in DR Congo.

Accommodation is areas of Kivu is very available and with a budget of USD150.00 to USD250.00, we can get decent accommodation with security and private enough to host the crew and provide decent meals as well. We will help you make this arranged and booked for you in advance.

Security in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Even though the security in the region is now improved, we will need to have at least two armed officers when heading into the community for the protection of crew and kit as well when in the field. Hiring security per day charges USD80.00 Per armed personnel. 

Transportation and getting around.

The roads in Congo require a strong 4×4 vehicle to manage the terrine and we do advise you to use land cruisers. We do offer this service and our rate is USD300.00 per day for the vehicle. The fuel expense is measured according to millage but if you send us your tentative itinerary, I will be able to estimate this as well.

Fixers in DR Congo

All our vehicles come with drivers who act as location fixers and most of them have been to almost all parts of DRC and are thus conversant with the local situations and are able to provide relevant information and fix any situation on ground. These act as intermediaries between you and our office while on location in Uganda. The company charges a daily fee of USD350.00 during the shoot to ensure that all your plans for the shoot are as planned and the shoot is smooth throughout.

With the above information am sure you will now know more about the destination and all its requirements once you share with us your filming schedule. Then I will be able to send you a quote on the expected costs to be incurred during the shoot

Why hire services of Africa Fixers

Africa Fixers is undoubtedly one trusted and reputable Film Fixer in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the larger East and Central Africa. We have a hooping 15 years in the area of film fixing and production in most locations of East and Central Africa. We have a long and good working relationship with most authorities that issue filming permits and press accreditations. We have a team of local talent, fixers and producers to handle all production and filming projects thrown to us. Contact us.