Filming in Matusadona National Park

The Matusadona national park is located on the southern shore of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. The park got its name from the local matuzviadonha hills. The park provides a sum of flat plain and mountainous landscape. It was named a national park in 1975. It is one of the places where the African elephants and black rhino were conserved. It offers full filling opportunities of filming wildlife with. The park also has over 200 bird species along the shoreline of Lake Kariba making it a good spot to film birds. Lake Kariba can also be accessed from this national park.

Wildlife in Matusadona National Park

 All of the Big Five are present and regularly spotted. Lion, leopard and hyena occur in good numbers. The park is well known for its large herds of buffalo that congregate on the lakeshore in the Dry season. There is a good variety of antelope species, including waterbuck, sable and roan. The lake is teeming with hippos and crocodiles.

Matusadona offers excellent wildlife viewing of most big safari animals, including the Big Five. Black rhino is present and can be tracked on foot. The lakeshore is excellent for hippos, crocodiles, elephants, impala, Kudu and buffaloes. Lions, Leopards and spotted Hyenas are present in good numbers.

filming in Matusadona Nationlal Park

Filming birds in Matusadona National Park

Matusadona National Park being on the shore of Lake Kariba, has more than 240 bird species recorded and is particularly rich in waders and other water-associated birds. The dead mopane trees on the lakeshore are covered by large numbers of perched birds, including cormorants, darters and many fish eagles with their cries regularly filling the air. A boat trip in the scenic Sanyati Gorge offers a chance to see rare species including the elusive African finfoot. Migratory birds are present from November to April.

The birdlife in Matusadona is good all year, but at its best from November to April. This is the nesting season for resident birds, as well as the time of arrival of migratory birds coming from Europe and northern Africa. The Dry season happens from June to October, which is a better time for viewing wildlife.

Scenery in Matusadona National Park

Matusadona stretches from the southern shore of Lake Kariba up to the rugged Zambezi escarpment. The Sanyati River in the east of the park is well known for its breathtaking gorge, which is most beautiful in the rainy season when small waterfalls are running down the steep, rocky sides. Sunsets over the lake, with the mountains in the background, are spectacular

Requirements to film in Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe

In order to film in Matusadona national park. You will need to acquire permission. The process of securing a filming permit in Zimbabwe can be time-consuming so it needs enough time before the filming in order to complete the necessary process and secure the filming permit.  Filming permits in Zimbabwe are processed by the ministry of information. Since it’s a national park, park charges by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority also apply.

Media accreditation is also vital for filming in Zimbabwe and the application is made to the Zimbabwe media council. The charge for accreditation is 2000usd for shoot accreditation application and in addition to this, each member of the crew pays 200usd. Contact film crew fixers for further information on the requirements for filming in Matusadona national park.

Filming equipment also needs to be cleared and this can be done through a bonded agent or securing a 5% percent of the value of equipment, however this is not advisable and the preferred procedure is that of using a bonded agent. Africa Fixers has all the necessary connections with a number of bonded agents that can clear your equipment on entry and exit. Contact us for any help with kit clearing.

Zimbabwe Visa and work permit advice

A tourist visa or business visa can work for your entry into the country. The single entry visa costs USD30. Film crews prefer getting there visa before coming into the countries and this is possible through the online system of the Zimbabwe department of immigration. Proof of yellow fever and vaccination and a Covid 19 free negative certificate are necessary for entry. The prices of visas and work permits change regularly. For updated information regarding travel to Zimbabwe, you can contact your embassy or us regarding the following issues.


Zimbabwe transport services

Africa Fixers organizes transportation for film crews to film in Matusadona national park. Depending on their interest and Budget and the nature of roads to the destination. We organize both road and air transport for film crews. We recommend customized 4×4 safari land cruisers for vehicles because of the nature of roads in Zimbabwe. These land cruisers cost USD200-250 per vehicle per day. Fuel is estimated on the number of days that are scheduled by the filming schedule. We will need to look at it for establishing the mileage and distance to be traveled.

Film fixers in Zimbabwe to help you film in Matusadona National Park

All our vehicles come with drivers who act as location fixers and most of them have been to most of the parts in Zimbabwe and are very conversant with the local situations .they provide relevant information and fix any situation on ground. They also act as intermediaries between you and our office while on location. Contact us if you need a film fixer in Zimbabwe.

What is the best time to film in Matusadona National Park

Filming in Matusadona national park can be done throughout the year however, the months between May to October are best to film because they are sunny and hot and the bush also thins out during this period making it easy to spot the animals.  That are rainy. Unlike the other months of the year which are rainy.

How to get there

Matusadona National Park is located in the northwest of the country on the shore of Lake Kariba and is 470km/292mi northwest of Harare. The drive into the park from Victoria Falls is very rough and needs a 4WD. In the Wet season from November to May, the road tends to be unnavigable. The best way to get to Matusadona is by chartered plane or by boat across the lake from Kariba, which is 18km/11mi away. Victoria Falls airport (VFA) is the main point of entry into Zimbabwe. Alternatively, you can fly to Harare International Airport (HRE) and fly or drive from there. Your pick-up from the airport will be arranged by your fixer as part of your filming package. You can opt to fly to Tashinga camp instead of driving. This camp has a landing strip found in the north west of Matusadona.

Where to stay while filming in Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe

Accommodation options when filming in Matusadona national park in Zimbabwe. These range from budget, midrange and luxury. Your choice of accommodation depends on your interest and budget. Lodge options include Rhino safari camp, Lake safari lodge, hornbill lodge and many others .contact us for help with reservation and more information on accommodation.

Why use film crew fixers to film in Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe

Africa Fixers is a company based in Uganda that assists production agencies and filming companies in South and East African countries as a whole. We handle all fixer services required with our professional team of local fixers and driver guides. We have all the relevant connections with other service providers and government agencies to make sure that accreditation and filming permits are processed in a short time. Contact us for details and all relevant information you would like to know for successful filming in Matusadona national park in Zimbabwe.