Filming in Chizarira National Park

When filming in Chizarira National Park. Chizarira national park is located in the northern part of Zimbabwe. Its location overlooks the Zambezi valley and the upper waters of the Lake Kariba. Its name means a closing off. It is one of the remote parks of Zimbabwe making it a filming destination that is not crowded with tourists. The scenery coupled with the wildlife gives plenty to film.

Filming wildlife in Chizarira National Park

The park has a variety of wildlife. The Big four are inhabited in the park and occasionally sighted mostly the elephants and buffalos. The leopard and hyena are also on the list of animals occasionally sighted. In addition to these are the lion, cheetah and wild dog that are seen on rare occasions. Most commonly spotted are the zebras.

Birding in the Park

Chizarira national park is a notable birding paradise with over 360 recorded bird species. The crested Francolin, lilac breasted roller, stripped kingfisher, tropical bou bou are some of the common bird species to film in the park. Birds of prey include the lanner, verreaux’s eagle and the peregrine falcon. In addition to these are other birds like the African broad bill, African emerald cuckoo, African pitta, western nicator and many more

filming in Chizarira National Park

Scenery in the Park

The park’s rough and notable terrain is dominated by the Zambezi escarpment and magnificent gorges that make it a prime choice for filming. The park has seven ecological zones, from lowveld valley savannah to highveld broadleaf woodland. Lush pockets of vegetation, fed by natural springs, are found in the valleys between the mountain ridges. The park prides itself with plateaus and flood plains.

Requirements to film in Chizarira National Park in Zimbabwe

In order to film in Chizarira national park. You will need to acquire permission. The process of securing a filming permit in Zimbabwe can be time-consuming so it needs enough time before the filming in order to complete the necessary process and secure the filming permit.  Filming permits in Zimbabwe are processed by the ministry of information. Since it’s a national park, park charges by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority also apply.

Media accreditation is also vital for filming in Zimbabwe and the application is made to the Zimbabwe media council. The charge for accreditation is 2000usd for shoot accreditation application and in addition to this, each member of the crew pays 200usd. Contact film crew fixers for further information on the requirements for filming in Chizarira national park.

Filming equipment also needs to be cleared and this can be done through a bonded agent or securing a 5% percent of the value of equipment, however this is not advisable and the preferred procedure is that of using a bonded agent. Africa Fixers has all the necessary connections with a number of bonded agents that can clear your equipment on entry and exit. Contact us for any help with kit clearing.

Zimbabwe visa and work permit advice

A tourist visa or business visa can work for your entry into the country. The single entry visa costs USD30. Film crews prefer getting there visa before coming into the countries and this is possible through the online system of the Zimbabwe department of immigration. Proof of yellow fever and vaccination and a Covid 19 free negative certificate are necessary for entry. The prices of visas and work permits change regularly. For updated information regarding travel to Zimbabwe, you can contact your embassy or us regarding the following issues.


Zimbabwe transport services

Africa Fixers organizes transportation for film crews to film in Chizarira national park. Depending on their interest and Budget and the nature of roads to the destination. We organize both road and air transport for film crews. We recommend customized 4×4 safari land cruisers for vehicles because of the nature of roads in Zimbabwe. These land cruisers cost USD200-250 per vehicle per day. Fuel is estimated on the number of days that are scheduled by the filming schedule. We will need to look at it for establishing the mileage and distance to be traveled.


Best time to visit

The climate in the park is bound to two distinctive periods. The Dry season (April to October) is categorized by warm days and cold nights. Everything changes with the coming of the very warm Wet season (November to March), especially in October when the park’s lower altitudes rise in temperatures of up to 40°C/104°F.

Dry season (July to October) is the best time to spot these animals at Chizariria’s waterholes and rivers. Sunny, clear skies and an absence of mosquitoes are the other advantages of visiting at this time of year. The dry season is also best because of the road situation in the park. Travelling in the wet season will be difficult since the roads are hard to maneuver during the season

How to get there

Chizarira National Park is very remote and hard to access.  Your main point of entry into Zimbabwe is Victoria Falls Airport (VFA) located near the town Victoria Falls. Normally, your local fixer operator will pick you up at the airport and arrange your further transportation throughout the country as part of your filming package.

Film fixers in Zimbabwe to help you film in Chizarira National Park

All our vehicles come with drivers who act as location fixers and most of them have been to most of the parts in Zimbabwe and are very conversant with the local situations .they provide relevant information and fix any situation on ground. They also act as intermediaries between you and our office while on location. Contact us if you need a film fixer in Zimbabwe.

Where to stay when filming in Chizarira National Park in Zimbabwe

Accommodation options are plenty when filming in Chizarira national park in Zimbabwe. These range from budget, midrange and luxury. Your choice of accommodation depends on your interest and budget. Lodge options include Mucheni view camp, Mucheni Gorge camp, Mabola camp and many others .contact us for help with reservation and more information on accommodation.

Why use film crew fixers to film in Chizarira National Park in Zimbabwe

Africa Fixers is a company based in Uganda that assists production agencies and filming companies in South and East African countries as a whole. We handle all fixer services required with our professional team of local fixers and driver guides. We have all the relevant connections with other service providers and government agencies to make sure that accreditation and filming permits are processed in a short time. Contact us for details and all relevant information you would like to know for successful filming in Chizarira national park in Zimbabwe.