Film fixer in Rwanda

Our film fixer in Rwanda has something to say about Rwanda as a filming location in East Africa. As we get used to living with Covid 19 virus, Film Crew fixers is here to showcase some of the best filming locations one should look out when looking for where to shoot films and documentaries in East Africa. Our film fixer in Rwanda also looks at essential things you need to consider when planning a shoot. Are you looking for a film fixer in Kigali to assist with filming permits, press accreditation, kit customs clearing, visa and work permit, transport, and accommodation for your shoot? Look no more than Film Crew fixers has the most professional and reliable film fixers in Rwanda to handle all your filming requirements. Feel free to contact us

About Rwanda as a filming location

Rwanda is one of the six countries that make up the great East African community. Commonly known as a country with a thousand hills, Rwanda has recovered from the deadly 19194 genocide era to become one of Africa’s reputable filming destinations for wildlife, culture and people. Some of the things that make Rwanda to standout as one of Africa’s filming location are mountain gorillas and golden monkeys in the Virunga, chimpanzees and other primates in Nyungwe Forest National Park, plus a variety of wildlife in Akagera National Park. Rwanda is also home to Akagera river plus Lake Kivu. The beautiful scenery punctuated by rolling hills and valleys, plantations, the culture and history of people are all amazing things to put into consideration when planning to shoot films and documentaries in Rwanda.

How to process media accreditation in Rwanda

It is mandatory to have a media card/pass issued by Media High Council when filming in Rwanda. Press accreditation is needed by both international and local film makers and journalists planning to film in Rwanda. Rwanda press accreditation permits are valid for a given period and you are advised to request for one depending on the duration of your shoot. Rwanda press cards are applied for online but should you meet any challenge, Africa Fixers will come in handy to assist where necessary. Please contact us.

Requirements for Rwanda press cards

You need the below requirements lined up for you to be accredited to shoot films and documentaries in Rwanda.

  • Official letter from your Employer/organization on a headed paper and signed by an authority in your company with all relevant contacts
  • Colored passport size photos
  • Copy of your passport which must be valid for at least 6 months
  • List of your filming equipment

How to apply for Press cards online by foreign film makers and Journalists

  • Visit the Irembo website here to start processing your Press Accreditation
  • Make sure you attach all required documents
  • Make payments online using Visa or Mastercard
  • After making payment, your application will be forwarded to Media High Council for approval.
  • If you find any challenge in filling details online, please contact us.

Location filming permits in Rwanda

Apart from press accreditation cards in Rwanda, filmmakers need to apply for location filming permits to be allowed to film. Each location has different requirements for shooting documentaries in Rwanda. All you need to do is to let us know where and what you will be filming and Africa Fixers will advise the cost and process of acquiring such filming permits. Popular locations in Rwanda where we have assisted with filming permissions include Schools, hospitals, Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, Akagera National Park to mention but a few. We understand each shoot requires different permissions and if you have your eyes set on any project, kindly contact us for advice.

Work permit and Visa Application procedure for Rwanda

All foreign film makers require a visa to enter into Rwanda for filming purposed. Below are the steps required to process or apply for your visa.

  • Visit Irembo website and click Visa Application under Immigration and Emigration.
  • Choose visa application and then proceed
  • Enter all application details as instructed
  • Attach all required documents in right size
  • Click next and verify your information
  • A billing ID will be generated which you will use to make payment online
  • Amount to be paid will depend on type of visa applied for

Note: After filling in the above details and making payment for your Visa, you receive updates on status of your Visa. The process is as simple as above but should you meet any challenge, please contact Africa Fixers.

Kit customs clearance

Rwanda does not have enough filming equipment and as such Africa Fixers advises that you bring you own kit and our clearing agent will assist in creating a non-refundable bond at a small fee to have your filming equipment allowed into Rwanda without charging you import tax. Processing a bond for your equipment takes 2-3 working days and the cost will depend on the total value of your kit. Nevertheless, it is always 10% and not more. Please send us your kit list indicating type of each equipment, serial number and value in Dollars. This will be forwarded to our clearing agent to establish the cost to be incurred. On arrival, our clearing agent will be waiting for you at the entry point/Airport to assist with immigration and clearing your equipment. He will also be with you when flying out of Rwanda to make sure that this bond is cancelled. For more information and clarification, kindly contact us.

Accommodation in Rwanda

Film Crew fixers recommends Lodges and hotels depending on the budget and interests of Film Crews that contact us. Depending on your filming location, we recommend lodges and hotels putting into consideration utilities such electricity, (backup generator), water supply, access (distance from lodge to where you will be filming) as this will affect your overall shoot.

Film Crew fixers works closely with Rwanda Lodges and hotels and we take care of the hassles of checking availability, reserving and booking your rooms. Kindly let us know all your lodge and dietary needs and we will advise you accordingly.

Transport and moving around in Rwanda

Our Film fixer in Rwanda will assist you with Airport transfers and transport within Rwanda. Africa Fixers assigns a vehicle with a driver to be with you for the entire shoot. Our drivers are trained to maneuver all challenges and are trained in handling filming demands in Rwanda.

Africa Fixers has a fleet of 4×4 Vehicles (Land Cruisers and Vans) that we use during the shoot. Our vehicles have popup roofs and wide windows to give you ample space for your coverage. Fuel and water is always part of the package so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

All you need to know about Africa Fixers

Africa Fixers Ltd has been in the production and fixing business for more than 10 years. In our 10 years of operation, we have worked with hundreds of credible international production houses from different corners of the world. Our portfolio speaks volumes. Our film fixers have vast experience accumulated from the so many film crews they have handled. Let us handle all your filming permits, Media passes, kit customs clearing, accommodation and transport plus visa and work permit processing. Film Crew fixer’s staff are always available for a zoom call when needed. Please contact us.