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Are you looking for a film fixer in Ghana? Our fixer in Accra Ghana is always readily available to assist and work with you for a successful shoot In Ghana. Africa Fixers is here to present a selection of the Ghana filming support for your next film or documentary.  Important factors to take into account when organizing a shot are also examined by our Local Ghana film fixer. Are you trying to find a film fixer in Ghana to help with things like press accreditation, visas and work permits, customs clearance for your kit, transportation, lodging and filming permissions? Look no further than the most seasoned and trustworthy film fixers in Ghana are available at Africa Fixers to address all your Filming needs. Contact us for more information.

About Ghana As A Filming Location

Ghana provides a wide variety of filming locations, including picturesque landscapes and historical monuments. Ghana is a fascinating place that offers a special fusion of culture, history, and filmmaking opportunities. Some locations to look out for include; Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle, Kakum National Park, Mole National Park, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Witch Camps, lake Volta, The cities of Accra and Kumasi and so much more.

Our professional fixers are available to scout this location on your behalf. If you are interested in filming any place in Ghana, please don’t hesitate to contact film fixer in Ghana Accra.

Processing Filming Permission In Ghana

To film anywhere in Ghana, every visiting crew member must obtain a film permit, Press Accreditation, and security clearances. The processing time typically ranges between two weeks once all required documentation is submitted. It is important to have a local Ghana line producer in this process. Our local fixer in Ghana works hand in hand with the organizations responsible for issuing out permissions and this allows the whole process to go smoothly. Contact us to help process your filming permits in Ghana.

Information Required:

    • Title of production
    • Production Brief
    • Production category
    • Production Schedule
    • List of planned shooting locations in Ghana
    • Complete the equipment list for the production
    • Production insurance
    • List of Ghanaian cast and crews with their roles and IDs
    • List of foreign cast and crews with their roles and Passports
    • Passport-size pictures of foreign cast and crews
    • Synopsis of the project and genre
    • Crew list with designations
    • Production schedule
    • Distribution plan

Visa Process Of Ghana

In Ghana, obtaining a visa is easy. A passport-sized photo and a photo of your passport’s bio data are all that are required. Visas are applied for on your behalf by our local Film fixer, and it typically takes five to fifteen days for them to be approved. Applying for the visas ahead of time is crucial if you plan to use Ghana as a filming Location. Please do not hesitate to contact us to help you process your visa.

Equipment Clearance Process In Ghana

A local Ghanaian fixer is required to apply for a customs insurance bond on equipment that is going to be imported by film crews bringing in their gear. A list of the equipment, along with the value of each item that will be imported, will be sent. After this is completed, you are issued a temporary permit and required to pay a particular amount for your equipment to be imported into the country for the shoot. Contact us to help with equipment clearance in Ghana.

Transport and moving around in Ghana

Our Ghana local fixer assists you with transit within Ghana. This includes both road and airport transfers. A car with a driver is sent by Africa Fixers to accompany you throughout the entire filming. Our drivers are skilled in navigating any obstacles and managing the demands of filming in Ghana. During the shoot, we utilize a fleet of 4×4 vehicles (Land Cruisers and Vans) provided by Africa Fixers. Wide windows and pop-up roofs allow you plenty of room for you.

Accommodation In Ghana

Accommodation options in Ghana vary, and these range from budget to mid-range and luxury. Your choice of accommodation depends on your interest and budget and the exact location that you will be filming in. Once you are sure of the exact location where the shoot will be happening, Contact us for help with reservations and more information on accommodation.

About Africa Fixers.

Africa Fixers is a local fixer company in Africa. We assist filming companies and production agencies in countries listed on our website, including Ghana. Over the years, we have worked with various production companies on several projects, making us very experienced in this industry. We handle all fixer services required with our professional team of local fixers and driver guides. We have all relevant connections with other service providers and government agencies in Ghana to ensure that accreditation and filming permits are processed quickly. Contact us for details and any pertinent information you want for successful filming in Ghana led by an expert Ghana fixer resident in Accra.