All over the world, discoveries are made , of lost cities, lost treasure , minerals and so much more. these discoveries are of interest to several journalists and to filmmakers, Some of the interesting ones in the locations we fix have been listed below. if ypu are interested in any of them please feel free to contact us.


The discovery of the city is one of the major discoveries In the world. The lost city of Thonis is a former port city that boomed in the ancient Greek times in Egypt. The city was very successful and popular port in the Mediterranean in the 7th century BC. The city was sunk by water and for thousands of years has been covered underwater the city was discovered in 2000. Several fractions of it have been located with time and are being restored. The discoveries can be filmed for underwater shoots and films. The city was discovered with a lot of treasure, monuments, several fruits, Greek ceramics, statues and so much more. Several marine researchers and archeologists are studying the underwater city with the support if the European institute for underwater archeology and Egyptian ministry of Tourism and antiquities.

The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in 1922 by the archeologist Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon . Unlike other tombs that had lost most treasure to grave robbers, the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered with most of its components safe.  The tomb was discovered with several treasure. At the moment this treasure is under restoration and can be filmed. Some of the things that were found include; a death mask that was made in gold and decorated with precious stones, board games that were designed to play the game of senet and twenty, a garmet mannequin that was used for choosing and styling the kinds clothes, golden sandals, the two thrones one in ebony wood and the other in gold, chariots, trumpets, breastplate, several shabtis that were to serve him in death, Tutankhamuns mummy and so much more. All these are available to film.

When most people come to African countries, they focus most on the major attractions and monuments, for example the biggest lakes, biggest national parks, highest mountains, capital cities and so forth. How ever you will be surprised to know that there are so many gems that are not much spoken of or have not been given that much publicity. For example wildlife trusts and sanctuaries, monuments, museums, historical and cultural features and so much more.  Take a deeper look into any of our locations and you will find something worth filming.